Student “Scrub Club” celebrated Surgical Technology Week

Oct 7, 2022

Students in Cincinnati State’s Surgical Technology (ST) program established the Scrub Club in Spring 2022— named for the “scrubbing” role that surgical technologists perform in hospitals, where they are part of the team that keeps the operating room safe.

On September 20, club members celebrated National Surgical Technologist Week, and showed off the t-shirts they created to help bring awareness to the field of Surgical Technology. Club members plan to wear the t-shirts when they are attending community service events and other activities.

Also at the Fall club meeting, ST Program Chair LaVon Moore and ST Clinical Coordinator and Instructor Deb Shumate surprised the club members with cupcakes and Cincinnati State water bottles inscribed with “Surgical Tech.”

Club activities this year include raising funds so students can attend state conferences, and possibly attend a national conference in Chicago.