FridayJuly 17, 2020

Face Covering policy added to College Operations Manual

A new College policy regarding Face Coverings (Masks) was approved by President Monica Posey and the College Executive Team on July 9, 2020.

The new policy was reviewed by the College's COVID-19 Safety Response Team on July 10, and was added to the College Operations Manual on July 16.

The policy states that facial coverings are required for employees, students, visitors, and contractors while inside campus facilities, unless an employee is sitting alone in an enclosed workspace such as an office or vehicle.

A process for requesting exemptions is described in the policy statement.

The updated Operations Manual is available on the College Intranet. Go to Manuals and Documents > Operations Manual.

CTL workshops on "Teaching in the Time of COVID" start July 20

The Cincinnati State Center for Teaching and Learning is offering a 3-part series of workshops on “Teaching in the Time of COVID” starting Monday, July 20.

  • The first workshop in the series focuses on understanding Cincinnati State safety guidelines, using PPE appropriately, and understanding differences in managing “regular” and COVID classrooms.

More information about the full workshop series will be provided soon-- look for email from the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Workshop 1 Participant Objectives include:

  1. Clearly understand the Cincinnati State Guidelines for all on-campus activities.
  2. Describe types of PPE and how to use them.
  3. Compare and contrast pre- and post-COVID face-to-face classroom communities.
  4. Develop tools and skills to manage stress in the classroom community and conflicts that may arise.
  5. Construct a personal plan in line with the Cincinnati State and CDC guidelines for campus activities.

Degree/Certificate info for 2020-21 is on College website

The "Degrees and Certificates" section of the College website is now displaying 2020-2021 curriculums and other updated information for all Cincinnati State bachelor's degrees, associate's degrees, and certificate programs.

The program information displayed on the website corresponds to the 2020-2021 edition of the online College Catalog.

If you find an error in the program information on the website, please notify Academic Policies & Curriculum Committee Co-Chair Abbey Yee (

WW at Work goes virtual

Cincinnati State's WW at Work (formerly Weight Watchers) program, like most other in-person activities, was suspended in March-- but College employees can still participate in an all-digital nutrition support program.

Jackie Norton from Marketing said she still meets with Cincinnati State's WW leaders and coaches every Tuesday to maintain the weight loss (over 100 pounds) she achieved with help from WW.

“I attend the Colerain Avenue WW Studio’s weekly 5:30 p.m. Zoom meeting,” Jackie said.

“I find I’m more focused at the virtual meetings than I was on campus, when I was thinking about work left at my desk, or where I had to be next," Jackie added.

"Now, I write down my goals, and check out the meeting topic in advance. I think that has helped me avoid the 'quarantine 15.'”

Jackie said Cincinnati State’s WW Workshops in the Workplace have been active on Clifton Campus since 2012.

Many employees have joined the program to gain nutrition and behavior information, tools to help build success, and the accountability that comes from meeting with a group.

Jackie said Cincinnati State employees who rejoin WW or join for the first time will receive a 10% membership discount. Those who join by Aug. 31 will receive a free cookbook.

For more information and a WW discount code, contact Jackie at or call 569-4124.

Air Quality Alert in effect for July 17

The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency has issued an Air Quality Alert for Friday, July 17, for Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties in Ohio; Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties in Kentucky; and Dearborn County in Indiana.

The Agency expects to see levels of ozone in the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” range on the Air Quality Index (AQI) based on weather conditions.

On Air Quality Alert days, you can help reduce ozone formation by taking these actions:

  • When possible, take the bus, carpool, bike, or walk instead of driving.
  • Refuel your vehicle after 8 p.m., do not top off when refueling, and tighten the gas cap.
  • Do not idle your vehicle; exhaust contributes considerably to ozone formation.
  • Combine trips or eliminate unnecessary vehicle trips.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained with properly inflated tires and timely oil changes.
  • Avoid use of gasoline-powered lawn equipment on Air Quality Alert days.
  • Avoid use of oil-based paints and stains on Air Quality Alert days.
  • Never burn leaves or other yard trimmings.
  • Suspend use of fire pits, campfires, and charcoal grills on Air Quality Alert days.
  • Conserve electricity by turning out lights and unplugging unused appliances and electronics.

The Agency (which employs CState Environmental Engineering Technology interns and graduates) uses seven ozone monitors-- located throughout Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren counties-- to collect air quality data 24 hours a day.

To learn more about local air quality and how the Air Quality Agency does its work, visit

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