WednesdayFebruary 26, 2020

Service Awards presented to over 50 employees

Over 50 Cincinnati State employees were recognized with Service Anniversary Awards during Common Time on Feb. 24, including Theresa Johnson (photo above), who has completed 40 years of service at the College.

Theresa was unable to attend the awards event, but was recognized by her supervisor, Elliott Ruther, for her contributions to the College.

President Monica Posey thanked all of those who received service awards for providing "a lot of impact on a lot of lives."

Dr. Posey also noted that "not every organization has this much energy and youthfulness from its long-term employees."

If you missed the event, or would like to repeat the experience, video is available at

The annual Service Anniversary Awards recognize employees who "reach significant milestones of continuous service in their primary roles with the College."

Dr. Janelle McCord (right) was recognized for 35 years of service.

Six employees achieved 30 years of service, including (photo below, from left) Samuel Rowe, Bill Quattrone, Michele Geers, and Cindy Kief. Not pictured: Dan Ramsey and Dave Smith.

Six employees reached the 25 year mark, including (below, from left) Tom Hale, Colleen Meyer, Tim Dewald, Peggy Rolfsen, and Connie Rose. Not pictured: George Armstrong.

Twenty-year recognition included (photo below) Larry Feist and Diane Taft. Not pictured: Julie Caudill and Janice Lockett.

Awards for 15 years of service included (photo below, from left) Kim Vasko, Mary Repaske, Lorrie Cox, Kellee Fields, and Meg Galvin. Not pictured: Lauren Todd and Christopher Tombs.

Twelve employees received awards for 10 years of service. They included (photo below, from left) Sarajane Blatt, Nikki Howard, Lisa Lucas, Sharon Brown, Arlene Brown (front), Betsy LaSorella, Nancy Wright, and Julee Johns. Not pictured: Diana Hickham, Paula Kirch Smith, Ryan Shadle, and Alyce Thompson.

Five-year service awards were earned by those pictured below (from left), Kim Taylor, Cathy McKee, and Bridgett Redding.

Five-year recipients not pictured: Brian Blamer, Bob Cutajar, Sherry Drescher, Preston Fransch, Benjamin Kramer, Judy Marshall, Michael Mays, Melanie Moore, Ed Oenbrink, Erma Rutland-White, and Jerry Whitaker.

The Masters of Ceremonies, Jesse Brown and Tom Hale (right), introduced each award recipient with one or more "fun facts," and "DJ" Wayne Herbers provided historically-appropriate musical sound tracks for each cohort of employees.

Members of the Service Awards Planning Team, with assistance from the Celebrating Community Committee, decorated the room with balloons, glitter, and table treats (as seen in photos below), and an ample supply of Cincinnati State branded cookies added to the festive afternoon.

Planning Team members are Christine Barrow, Jesse Brown, Tom Hale, Brian Hooten, Gordon Jahn, Courtney Miller, Karen Magness-Lewe, and Terri Reynolds.

(Photos by Amy Wagner, Cincinnati State Web/Digital Manager)

Sound system upgrade in AVP lab made possible by PNC grant

Audio/Video Production Professor Christian Appleby helps student Andre Knott learn to operate the newly-installed sound board. (See additional photos below.)

The Audio/Video Production (AVP) program has an urgently needed new sound board system, thanks to a grant of over $45,000 awarded by PNC Charitable Trusts to the Cincinnati State Foundation.

The new system was installed in the AVP audio control room (a lab on the ATLC 4th floor) during the break between Fall and Spring semesters.

The new system replaces equipment from 2004 that had broken down and was no longer serviced by the manufacturer.

AVP Program Chair Dave Killen said, "Students are really excited to have this new, state-of-the-art workspace."

The AVP program has more than 160 students and all of them learn to use the sound board system as part of their development of professional hands-on skills in four key subject areas: sound, camera and lighting, video editing, and motion graphics.

Students also complete a scriptwriting requirement to build their skills as storytellers.

"To use a baseball analogy, we train our students to come out of college as multi-position players so they can enter the workplace in any number of positions and move on and up from there," Dave said.

  • Students are introduced to the concept of audio mixing in introductory classes and get their first hands-on experience in the audio control room in their second or third semester.
  • Additionally, students in video editing and motion graphics classes use the audio studio outside of their audio classes to produce voice-over narrations and create sound effects for video projects.
  • At least once a year, advanced electives are offered in multi-track recording, advanced music mixing, and advanced post-production.

Outside of their AVP classes, students competing in The College Movie Festival and other media competitions use the studio for tasks like dialog replacement and sound mixing.

Dave said the AVP faculty and co-op students also use the recording studio and control room when assisting with a variety of on-campus video projects.

The new sound board system

The control surface

The outboard

(Article by Richard Curtis, Cincinnati State Interim Media/Communications Coordinator. Photos provided by Dave Killen.)

Presentation on Multiple Measures Placement is posted

If you missed the Feb. 10 Common Time presentation on Multiple Measures Placement, you can view the presentation on video at

Click here to download the presentation slides.

The Multiple Measures Placement approach, which is now in effect at Cincinnati State, replaces mandatory use of Accuplacer tests.

Students currently being admitted to the College are no longer required to complete Accuplacer tests as a condition for admission.

  • Dean Geoffrey Woolf said the Multiple Measures approach incorporates a variety of criteria for assessment and placement, and gives students opportunities to participate in deciding on the best starting point for their required classes in English and Math.
  • Multiple Measures criteria may include high school transcripts, grades earned in previous coursework, results of attitude surveys, or other data that emerges during the student's meeting with their advisor.
  • Cincinnati State advisors and program chairs have received training in how to implement the Multiple Measures approach.
  • A new "College Readiness Advisor" also can assist new students-- before they begin college classes-- with getting support to make improvements in their writing, reading, math, study skills, and/or computer skills.
  • National research shows that using Multiple Measures Placement instead of test scores can lead to significant improvements in student success in college.

Recordings of many past Common Time presentations are available on the College intranet.

To locate the recordings, go to How the College Works > Academics > Common Time > Common Time Recordings.

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