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CState faculty member's doctoral research creates transformative opportunity for inmates

"Graduation day" on July 13 for inmates at River City Correctional Center was the result of a unique project developed and supported by CState.

Ten inmates at River City Correctional Center in Camp Washington earned post-secondary credentials and promised jobs as part of a doctoral dissertation case study project developed by Brian Jaynes, program chair for Supply Chain Management at Cincinnati State.

The inmates, all women, attended a 45-contact-hour Supply Chain and Logistics course delivered on site at River City by Marty Grogan, an adjunct instructor in the Supply Chain Management program.

By successfully completing the course, the women earned a credential from the Manufacturing Skill Standard Council as Certified Logistics Associates and Technicians. They will also receive college credits for the course if they enroll at Cincinnati State to further their education.

Nehemiah Manufacturing, a distributor of Procter & Gamble products, has offered the women jobs upon their release. In addition, the project received funding support from PNC Foundation and Ohio Jobs and Family Services, as well as implementation support from Hamilton County Office of Re-Entry and Cincinnati State.

“All of the different partners have been very supportive,” Jaynes said.

The case study project was several years in the making.

When Jaynes joined Cincinnati State in 2015, he had already started working toward an Ed.D. at Northern Kentucky University. He had been considering another dissertation topic when he came across an article about the State of New York’s efforts to offer associate-degree-level courses in prisons.

“I was intrigued with the notion of how an educational credential might reduce recidivism,” Jaynes said. “I went to my doctoral committee at NKU and said I’d like to change my topic.”

Jaynes' dissertation measures the effectiveness of two well-known theories of change in developing “an academic career pathway model for returning citizens.” The River City project is a “qualitative, descriptive case study” for the dissertation.

One of the theories the dissertation analyzes is Harvard Professor and management guru John Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change, which lays out a pathway from “creating a sense of urgency” to “instituting change.”

The other theory is the University of Kansas Community Toolbox, which includes 16 key activities in fostering community change, from “creating and maintaining partnerships” to “sustaining the work or initiative.”

Jaynes is now writing his dissertation with a goal of completing it by Spring 2019.

“I feel that the River City pilot project has turned into a resounding success,” Jaynes said. “Bottom line, it makes a difference in people’s lives and they don’t go back to where they were.”

You can view some of Local 12 TV's coverage of the River City project at

(Article contributed by Richard Curtis)

Your #CStateSpirit promotes College success

The Secret CState Spirit Spotters are pleased to report they are seeing lots of #CStateSpirit on display, including the Health & Public Safety "front office team" of Bridgett Redding, Tamaree Smith and Katie Chiappone (above). All three received CState ballcaps last week for their display of spirit.

Adjunct instructor Glen Schulte (photo below), who teaches courses in Biology, Environmental Science, and Landscape Horticulture, received a $25 Starbucks card last week because the Spirit Spotter saw the CState decal on Glen's car.

Future prizes for those who show spirit include Kroger gift cards, Cincinnati State t-shirts, and Bakery Hill gift certificates.

Remember that your display of school spirt, especially when seen off-campus, could have an impact on Fall enrollment (or other future enrollment).

To participate in the Summer of #CStateSpirit, and win gifts and treats:

  • Put a Cincinnati State static-cling car sticker on your vehicle. Stickers are available in department/division offices, the Admission Office, and the Human Resources Office.
  • Wear Cincinnati State attire on Fridays.
  • Share your Cincinnati State spirit on Facebook (using the hashtag #CStateSpirit) to be entered to win a Bag-Full-of-Cincinnati-State-Swag, including a $50 gift certificate to the Cincinnati State Staff Online Store.* The more you share, the more chances you have to win!

(*For more about the store, scroll all the way down to the bottom of Daily News and look for info on the left side of the page.)

If you would like some business-card sized “handouts” to give to people when you talk about the College, stop by the Marketing Office in Main 175, or contact Jackie Norton (

Jackie would also like to hear your stories about how showing your #CStateSpirit helped start a conversation with someone you didn't already know.

If you have an opportunity to promote CState, and aren't sure what to say to the potential new student or their "influencer," you might want to share some facts about paying for college:

  • Cincinnati State's low tuition is a "best value" in our region.
  • 73% of first-time students at CState receive financial aid.
  • Cincinnati State disburses approximately $9 million in federal and state grants each year.
  • Cincinnati State awards over $500,000 in scholarships each year.
  • Those with question about financial aid, grants, and scholarships should call the Financial Aid Office at 569-1530, or stop by the office in Main 155. (The Financial Aid Office assists over 15,000 students/parents and answers over 18,000 phone calls each year.)

Clean up on "Surge Purge" Days, Aug. 6 to 9

Monday, Aug. 6, is the kick-off for "Surge Purge" Days on Clifton Campus-- a time to get rid of clutter, waste, junk, and other messy stuff that impedes the campus environment.

Monday, Aug. 6, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., is "Shred Day" for paper waste.

  • A shred truck will be in Lot D near the B-Wing exit. You can bring paper products that you wish to have shredded to the shred truck.
  • Rolling tub-style dumpsters will be available in the hall near the Mail Room (Main Building Distribution Center, near the dock). You may pick up a dumpster, take it to your work area, and load the papers you wish to shred. Then you can take the dumpster to the shred truck for disposal of your documents. 
  • If you're uncertain which paper documents should be retained, refer to the College Operations Manual, Section 11. The Operations Manual (revised June 2018) is available from the College intranet, in the section "Manuals and Documents."
  • Please don't bring paper waste from home... the College is paying a fee for the shredding service.

Monday, Aug. 6, and Tuesday, Aug. 7, are "E-Waste Disposal Days"

  • E-waste Items include computers, electronic devices, monitors, keyboards, light bulbs, batteries, and other electronics.
  • E-waste dumpsters will be in Lot D near the B-Wing exit. Items can be brought to the dumpsters anytime on Aug. 6 or 7.
  • If you have a large amount of E-waste, contact Facilities at 569-1559 to arrange for assistance.
  • It is OK to bring e-waste from home and dispose it in the campus e-waste dumpsters, since the College will get a small rebate for these materials.

Monday, Aug. 6, through Thursday, Aug. 9, are "Chemical Waste Disposal Days"

  • Chemical waste will be collected in the Ludlow Garage, in the caged-in area on the First Level.
  • Items can be brought to the Ludlow Garage anytime on the waste disposal days; however, you must call Police Dispatch at 569-1558 to arrange for a police officer to meet you in the Ludlow Garage.
  • Those disposing of chemical waste are responsible for delivering waste to the Garage location for collection.

Monday, Aug. 6, through Thursday, Aug. 9, are also "Metal & Broken Items Disposal Days"

  • Two dumpsters will be located in Lot D, near the rear driveway, to collect metal and broken items such as chairs and tables.
  • If you have a large amount of waste and need assistance, contact Facilities at 569-1559 prior to the waste disposal days. Provide a description of items to be disposed of and the location of the items.
  • You can bring broken metal items from home to dispose in campus dumpsters. The College will get a small rebate for these materials.

For a reminder of the days and requirements, click to download the Surge Purge Days flyer.

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