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FridaySeptember 19, 2014

Founders Days opens with plaque unveiling; President's Gala is tonight

The Founders Days celebration of Cincinnati State’s 45th anniversary and the people who helped give rise to the institution got underway Thursday. Notable among them was Clifford House, the first president of the College (shown standing just to the right of the bronze Founders plaque as it was unveiled yesterday), and Charles Warman (seated), who among many other accomplishments was instrumental in helping the young institution secure its accreditation. Also looking on are, to the right of Mr. House, trustees Laurie Leonard and Robert Ringel, and to the left of Mr. Warman, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, who was among those who spoke at the ceremony. Not visible in the photo, because he was helping Chief of Development Elliott Ruther pull back the curtain, was President Owens.

During the event, President Owens announced a $50,000 gift to the college from Richard Weiland, a civic activist who has earlier given to Cincinnati State.

Tonight brings the President's Gala, followed by the Community Open House and Barbeque on Saturday, a luncheon for lifetime members of the Alumni Association on Sunday and the annual Scholarship Golf Outing on Monday. 

Please see the slideshow below for more imagesfrom Thursday's event.

  • Cathy Crain, Board Chair

  • Mayor Cranley

  • President Owens, Clifford House

  • Richard Weiland

  • History Lesson

  • Standing Ovation

Cincinnati State trustees will meet September 23 in regular session

The Board of Trustees will meet in regular session at 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, September 23, in the Conference Center. Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Call to order

Sunshine law compliance announcement

Roll call

Approval of the Proceedings of the Regular Meeting of August 19, 2014 and Special Meeting of September 3, 2014

Consideration of Items for Possible Addition to Agenda

Recognition for Outstanding Accomplishments

  • Athletic Director Tom Hathaway
  • Cincinnati State Surgical Tech Program

Consent Agenda for Recurring Items

Personnel Report

Facilities Report

Environmental and Public Safety Department–Monthly Incident Reports

Financial Report

Faculty Senate Report

President’s Report

  • Funding Model – Dr. Owens
  • Pearson Presentation

Chairperson’s Report and Trustee Association Report

Old business

New business


Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 3:45 p.m., Conference Center

Fitness Fusion will be fun. Honest

Sindy Robbins, a veteran instructor at the College, will be leading a Mid-Mester “Fitness Fusion Class” this semester. Above she’s demonstrating one of the techniques that will be used in the class to flatten your abs and strengthen your core, while her able assistant, Ruth Kirtley from the Health and Public Safety office, displays some of the other torture devices, er, equipment, that will be employed in the class.

Seriously, you will come out of this class with the body of a Greek god or goddess, but it will take a little effort on your part. OK, OK, this class isn’t about looks per se, it’s about health. Sindy says Fitness Fusion Classes combine:

  • Cardio
  • Pilates
  • Strength training
  • Stretching
  • Relaxation

The class is part of the sequence of Mid-Mester courses that begin Monday (Sept. 22). This one Is PE 199, carries one credit, and meets Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:10 p.m. For more information, please contact Sindy at 1670, (513) 306-3730 or sindy.robbins@cincinnatistate.edu.

There are 30 academic titles listed on the 2014 Fall Semester Mid-Mester lineup, ranging from financial accounting to Introduction to Art to Music of the Middle Ages. Stop by the Registrar’s Office for more information or to sign up, or contact them at ro@cincinnatistate.edu or 1522.


Today’s Instructional Support class canceled

Today’s Instructional Support class, Introduction to Hybrid Courses, has been canceled.

Here’s the revised Common Time schedule

The Common Time Schedule for the Fall 2014 Semester has been revised. In addition to showing that September 22 is now open for meetings, it lists dates for presentations on such topics as C-Tags; Peer Mentoring; Health Benefits; a Faculty Forum; Practical Approaches to Working with Distressed, Disturbed, or Disrupting Students; and a preview of the new college website.