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FridayJuly 31, 2015

Harrison graduation celebration

One of the seasonal joys of the academic calendar at Cincinnati State is the summer recognition ceremony at the Harrison campus for students who have completed some or all of the rigorous coursework required for the Aviation Maintenance Technologies Program.

The ceremony historically features a cookout in the hanger at the campus for students, family, faculty, and staff. A few congratulatory words are also common.

That’s exactly what happened Thursday, but with a twist – President Owens awarded a Presidential Medal (just his fifth since taking office) to Jim Schmid, the veteran program director of the AMT program.

“I’ve given about 390 public speeches since I became president, and in almost every one of them I talk about you and your program,” President Owens told Jim. “It’s a great program, and your people get jobs.”

Jim attributed the success of the AMT program to the instructors and students who are involved with it. He noted that while the structure of the program is relatively simple, the requirements placed on students are huge.

The program has two core components that prepare students to sit for Federal Aviation Administration certification for airframe (all the elements of a small plane except the engine and propeller) and engine (the engine and propeller, if it has one.) There is also an program in avionics that does not involve FAA certification.

“Anyone can work on an aircraft, if they’ll let you,” Jim explained. The reason a Cincinnati State degree and FAA certification so often leads to a lucrative job, he noted, is that those with such a license are qualified to sign a logbook asserting that a plane is safe to fly.

“That means, when they lift the plane out of the swamp, your name is on the logbook,” he quipped. “That’s a lot of responsibility.”

Fast track organizers need volunteers tomorrow

We need your help! We have more than 200 individuals registered to attend Fast Track tomorrow. We need more help to make sure things run smoothly. We will teach you what you need to know.

Any help you can offer between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. will be greatly appreciated! Contact Lana Teetor at 1549 or lana.teetor@cincinnatistate.edu

Departmental appliances are not personal

Here’s a (mostly welcome, we think) bit of clarification regarding the upcoming prohibition on “personal appliances” announced in the Daily News earlier this week by the Facilities Department.  

Refrigerators, microwaves, coffeemakers and the like that are located in departmental break rooms or officewide common areas are not affected by the ban.

Facilities is asking employees to remove such devices – including space heaters -- from their desks, cubicles and personal spaces.


Cincinnati State named a Top 20 healthy campus

We’re not sure how we got on this list, but we’re not going to argue: According to a post picked up this week by the Dayton Business Journal, Cincinnati State is ranked as having the 11th healthiest campus in the entire United State, in company with the likes of Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Purdue and Vanderbilt.

Also Cedarville, the University of Akron and Central Piedmont Community College.

Who knew? Must be our steps, front and back.

Starter Kit program seeks support

Here’s a request from the Counseling Services staff for support for the “Back to School Starter Kit” program:

“Each year, the Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati and Cincinnati State Counseling Services fulfills a mission to aid many first year college students who depend on grants and financial aid for their tuition.  Through our program, Back to School Starter Kits, we have seen many lives improve for the better as they embark toward striving for academic success.

Through the distribution of Back to School Starter Kits, we have witnessed many lives improve for the better as they embark toward striving for academic success. With your help we were able to distribute over 95 kits to students at the Middletown, Harrison, and Clifton campuses.  Through student participant survey feedback, we know that these kits have assisted our students in getting a good start to the school year.  One student, and mother of three, explained that she was not able to purchase school supplies for herself after providing her children.  She expressed that once she learned that she was eligible to receive a Back to School Starter Kit, she felt a sense of hope to get a great start to the school year. This student finished her first year at Cincinnati State with a 3.5 cumulative GPA.  

The goal of the Back to School Starter Kits program is to continue making a difference by assisting our students in achieving academic success.  With the help of donations from supporters like you, we will continue to see improvements in the academic success and retention of our students.

For the 2015-16 academic year, Counseling Services would like to increase the number of students served by this project. If you would like to donate items or donate funds to purchase items for kits please contact Neisha Wiley at 569-1603 or neisha.wiley@cincinnatistate.edu . The donation deadline is Aug. 21.

Thank you.”

Instructional Support Schedule for the Week of Aug. 3

Here’s the Instructional Support Schedule for the week of Aug. 3. 

  • Blackboard: Easy Ways to Copy and Move Content: Tuesday, August 4 @ 11 am-12 noon
  • Blackboard: Easy Ways to Copy and Move Content: Wednesday, August 5 @ 2-3 pm
  • Blackboard: Easy Ways to Copy and Move Content: Thursday, August 6 @ 1-2 pm

All sessions can be found on the 25Live Campus Events Calendar. Click on an event name to see a full description. Here is the link:


To register to attend a session, please contact Dr. Jon P. McKamey, Instructional Designer at 569-1696 or by email at jon.mckamey@cincinnatistate.edu.