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FridayApril 24, 2015

Earth Jam 2015

It might have been windy and a bit chilly, but that didn’t keep the enthusiasm down for Earth Jam 2015. The annual event, organized by the Environmental Engineering Technologies department, the Environmental Club and like-minded souls, with help from across the college and sponsors outside of it, is part of the national Earth Day observance.

Music was provided by 3’s a Crowd.

“I just wanted to thank everyone for their part in making today’s Earth Jam a huge success,” said Ann Gunkel, EVT Program Chair and one of the lead organizers of the event.

Salvation Army internship is opening doors for Cincinnati State student

Scott Gorsler came to Cincinnati State in 2012. He enrolled in the Public Safety Technology program, and is due to graduate this summer.

After graduation he hopes to find a starting position involving emergency management, then work his way up to an upper level job in the disaster preparedness field.

Scott, 22, a White Oak resident, is spending the 2015 Spring Semester on an internship assignment with The Salvation Army. So far, he said, it has been a tremendous learning opportunity. In addition to cementing his career direction and presenting networking opportunities, he said, working with the Salvation Army has given him firsthand insight into just how much work is involved in emergency response situations.

In particular, Scott said, he has come to understand the importance of preparation and communication.

During his internship with The Salvation Army, Scott has responded to several fire scenes. He also helped out in the aftermath of the tragic fire March 26 at the King Towers apartments that claimed the life of a Cincinnati firefighter by participating in preparations for the funeral -- preparing vehicles, stocking water, helping in any way he could to make ready for the first responders who were mourning the loss of a brother.

Scott recently met with his PST intern/co-op advisor, Michealin “Mickey” Weber, to talk about his experiences. Here’s part of their conversation.

Q. Your Internship with the Salvation Army in the community, how has this affected you?

“Everyone thanks me for what I do and stand for when I’m wearing a Salvation Army shirt… People understand how important this organization is and everything that they provide – from family tracing to disaster response, the Salvation Army offers a wide variety of services worldwide.”

Q. How does it make you feel, donating your time?

A. “I feel a sense of accomplishment and selflessness when volunteering my time at the Salvation Army. Like I mentioned earlier, every time I run into someone while I have the Salvation Army shirt on they thank me and are very genuine when telling me.

“You get to see firsthand how lucky you are compared to others that are in need of your help. It really puts life into perspective for you, and it made me appreciate what an opportunity I have to better myself through this organization. Many take their money, home, family and much more for granted, but when you see a family that has been displaced from their home because of a fire, or when you're helping feed less fortunate individuals, you really feel that you’re making a difference.”

Q. So this was a genuine Learning Experience?

A. “Through this experience so far I have learned what I would like to pursue in the future career wise. I've learned about the vast number of organizations that this degree can be applied to.

“Most of all, I really learned a lot more about myself as a person. You have to be able to communicate well with others, sometimes complete strangers. If you are not dedicated to helping the community and others, then this would not be a major for you. It is a public service, whether you interact with people directly or indirectly, you still affect their lives with the decisions you make.

I've also learned that you have to be prepared, above anything else. You must be on your toes because emergencies happen at all times, day or night – it never seems to be convenient, of course. But that is what I love about this opportunity. Helping others while in a great work atmosphere is so rewarding. “

PST Program Chair Bill Mehbod and Maj. Robert Klenk (pictured above with Scott) with the Salvation Army said the internship program that Scott is participating in has been meeting the objectives of both organizations.

“This has been a great opportunity for us to work together in partnership,” Major Klenk said.

Added Mehbod: “This allows our students to not only volunteer their time in the community, but also to complete the hours needed for the internship. Most importantly, they are taking their text book learning and applying hands on skills in the field.” 

Save the date – Sept. 15 – for Convocation 2015

Please mark your calendars and save the date – Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015 – for Cincinnati State’s annual Convocation.  The College will not be hold classes on that day but it is considered a working day for all Cincinnati State employees. 

All Convocation activities will take place on Cincinnati State’s Clifton Campus.

There will be a Call for Presentations coming out in May for the event.  Please watch the Daily News for further information.

Agenda set for trustee meeting April 28

The Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet in regular session at 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, April 28, in the Conference Center. Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Call to order

Sunshine law compliance announcement

Roll call

Approval of the Proceedings of the Regular Meeting of March 24, 2015

Consideration of Items for Possible Addition to Agenda

Recognition for Outstanding Accomplishments

  • House/Bruckmann Award recipients
  • Chef James Myatt
  • Data and Decision Academy Presidential Scholarship Recipient

Professor Emeritus

Consent Agenda for Recurring Items

  • Personnel Report
  • Facilities Report
  • Environmental and Public Safety Department–Monthly Incident Reports

Financial Report

Student Activities

Faculty Senate Report

  • Faculty Spotlight:  Advising Center and Counseling Services

President’s Report

Chairperson’s Report and Trustee Association Report

Surge tops UC in soccer scrimmage

On Monday April 20th, Cincinnati State's 1st year player and NSCAA All-American Mohamed Thiaw scored a hat-trick as the Surge won the spring match against nationally recognized UC club team 7-4.

This past fall season, the UC club team advanced to the Elite 8 but lost 2-0 to San Diego State University. 

This past Monday was a solid performance by Cincinnati State and this coming fall season is looking very promising for the Cincinnati State men's soccer program.

Hill Signs With Surge Women's Hoops Team

Dan’Shae Hill, a senior at Western Hills High School, recently signed a letter of intent to join the Cincinnati State women’s basketball program.

Hill, who earned all-conference honors each of her four high school seasons, averaged 11.1 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.7 steals per game during her senior campaign. A versatile 5-foot-8 guard, she averaged 7.5 points, 4 rebounds and 2.2 steals a game as a junior.

Cincinnati State Head Coach Sonya Beeler has had an eye on Hill for quite some time. During her first season with the Surge, Beeler and her team practiced at Western Hills while the basketball court at Cincinnati State was being redone. That was Hill’s freshman year, and Beeler saw something right away.

“I have wanted Dan’Shae to come here and play for me since she was a freshman at Western Hills High School,” Beeler said. “So I’m very excited.”

Beeler added that Hill, who can play either guard spot and likely will play shooting guard for the Surge, is eager to put in work and improve. And while Hill is willing to work hard to get better, the head coach already likes several parts of her game.

“I love her length and her athleticism,” Beeler said. “She sees the floor very well.”