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FridayMay 27, 2016

Farewell and best wishes – you, too, George!

Interim President Monica Posey and the College hosted a reception Thursday for the 22 employees who have elected to participate in the voluntary Employee Severance Plan. Some will be leaving Cincinnati State as of Tuesday, May 31, others at various times over the next year.

Among those taking the buyout is George Simmons, pictured above, who co-operated with a few of his friends for a photo sequence that brought down the house when it was shown Thursday. Hats off to Deb Powers, who took the photos, and Tony Waite, who supplied the captions.

Hey Jimmy, we have to find George before the end of the day.  I wonder where he could be.

Well, look at who we found. . . Now look here, George, they need to see you down in HR immediately!  Do not pass GO and do not stop at Bakery Hill on Main!  Go straight to HR!

 Oh yeah, we are going to need your keys and your Surge Card.

COME ON GEORGE!  You signed the Employee Severance Plan, now you gotta go. . .  And no, you can’t have just one more Pepsi.

Date set for Convocation 2016

Daily News readers are nothing if not well-organized, and to help you in this regard we are pleased to bring the following announcement: Convocation 2016 will take place on Thursday, Nov. 10.

Keep an eye out for forthcoming information about proposals for breakout sessions. If you can’t wait until then, or would simply like more information, please contact Mark Tiemeier in HPS at 5708 or mark.tiemeier@cincinnatistate.edu.


Red noses for charity

Thursday was, among other things, a day designated as Red Nose Day, part of a national campaign to raise funds for child-related charities.

Part of the deal was to buy a bright red nose at designated retail outlets; money from the purchase was then donated to the cause. Among those across the nation participating in said enterprise were Jackie Flynn, Terri Reynolds and Ione Klekamp from HR.

Condolences to the family of Yvonne Mays

Yvonne Mays, Clerical Assistant in the Advising Center, passed away Wednesday morning, May 25.

Yvonne’s body has been donated to science for research. It was her wish.

Little did we know that when Yvonne came to work in the Advising Center less than a year ago the impact she would have. Her spirit and faith resonated with the students and staff.  We are truly grateful to know that we brought a sense of joy in her work experience at Cincinnati State.  She will be truly missed! – Sharon Davis